Architects & Consultants

We Work With The

Our endeavour is to always construct world-class edifices. Towards this end, we have worked with the best architects & consultants from across the globe. We understand them and can interpret their inspirations to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

M/s Access Architects
M/s Chandrashekhar Architects Pvt Ltd
M/s Dighe Shikre & Associates
M/s DSP Design Associates Pvt Ltd
M/s East China Architectural Design and Research Institute Company Ltd
M/s Edifice Architects Pvt Ltd
M/s Fairwood Consultants
M/s Group Seven
M/s Hafeez Contractor
M/s J P Parekh & Sons
M/s Mhatre Sanjeev
M/s N P A P L
M/s Omkar Associates Architects
M/s P G Patki & Associates
M/s Reza Kabul
M/s Sandeep Shikre & Associates
M/s Sen Kapadia
M/s Shashi Prabhu & Associates
M/s Shah & Dhumasia
M/s Space Architect
M/s Spatial Designs Consultants Pvt Ltd
M/s Sura & Associates
M/s Vijay Punjabi Consultants Pvt Ltd
M/s Vijay Raheja & Associates
M/s Access Architects
M/s Advent Projects & Consultants Pvt Ltd
M/s Babtie Consultants (India) Pvt Ltd
M/s Bovis, Australia
M/s Bovis Lend Lease, India
M/s Cullen Grummit & Roe (International) Pvt Ltd, Australia
M/s HCP Design & Projects Management Pvt Ltd
M/s Mahimtura Consultants Pvt Ltd
M/s M S Consultants
M/s Naik Consultants Pvt Ltd
M/s Parikh Kulkarni
M/s Potential Service Consultants Pvt Ltd
M/s Pravin T Gala & Associates
M/s Rajani & Associates
M/s S M P S Consultants Pvt Ltd
M/s S N Joshi Consultants Pvt Ltd
M/s Sterling Engineering Consultancy Service Pvt Ltd
M/s Structwel Designers & Consultants Pvt Ltd
M/s S B Gadgil
M/s S W Mone & Associates
M/s Shilp Consulting Engineers
M/s Vengurlekar & Associates
M/s Vastech Consultants Pvt Ltd
M/s J+W Consultants (Formerly known as M/s Y S Sane Associates)